Dating a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man whose birthday is among October 23rd and November 22nd is usually mysterious, jealous, and capricious. It’s hard to figure out his true feelings because they are hidden under his cool nature and masculine appearance. Dating a Scorpio man, you’ll sense his passion and love that make you feel like you’re the most important thing in his life. Indeed, he feels that kind of deep feeling when he loves you, but by the time the relationship is over, he turns to remember the bad things of you. The worst thing is that he tends to share his ex-girlfriend’s meanness to all of his friends. It’s quite horrible, but that’s what you’ll get if you ever hurt a Scorpio man, so be careful not to play game with him. The vengeful character of most Scorpio men cause them to find the best way to take revenge to anyone hurting his sensitive feeling. In spite of this terrifying character, Scorpio man is a great lover ready to protect his beloved partner for his entire life.

Scorpio Symbol

Straitened to be Seduced

There’s no need to wear sensual dress showing your cleavage on your first date with a Scorpio man because they can hardly fall for this trick. It is difficult to seduce this man; thus, you need to think of other thing to impress him. It’s better for you to state that he’s unlike any other men you’ve met before, and he’s the one you love as well as the one loving you more than anyone else before him. Don’t get embarrassed to say such thing because a Scorpio man wishes to hear these words from you.

Gentle but Mystical

A Scorpio man hates being dominated, so make sure that you give him enough power to control your relationship. Don’t be too independent because Scorpio man loves the fact that you need him and depend on him. He is eager to fetch you from the office, he is willing to accompany you to shop, and he is enthusiast to escort you to a party. This kind of act makes you feel protected and comfortable whenever you’re with him. He’s a kind of man who will never let you carry something heavy on your own otherwise he’ll gently bring all of your stuffs and ask you to walk freely beside him.

Secrecy is his habit that he wouldn’t share any private information before he really trusts you. He trust a very few people and share only a very few secret with them, so don’t try to ask about his secret because he won’t like it. Let him be the way he is with his secrecy and mystery because this is the interesting point of a Scorpio man. As the time goes by, you’ll find out everything about this man without the need to expose his secret. Slowly but sure, he’ll share his deepest secret to you until there’s nothing hidden anymore as long as he finds you faithful and reliable.

Moody and Wary

Having a relationship with a Scorpio man, you’ll discover that he is also moody and changeable. It is often that he is suddenly gloomy while an hour before he shared a laugh with you. You won’t know for sure what make him that way, but the cause is sometimes trivial, for example, you receive a phone call from your friend while your with him or you have different opinion with him about the movie both of you just watched. The best thing to do is to ignore this behavior, then he will be back to normal in an hour or two. You need a great patience to date a Scorpio man, but he’ll gives you all his affection and attention in return.

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