Dating a Pisces Man

A Pisces man born in between February 20th and March 20th is a mysterious, secret loving man who is able to hide his feelings perfectly. No one can be sure whether he’s angry or happy because the feelings won’t be reflected in his facial expressions. Dating a Pisces man needs a lot of patience, cares, acceptance because he can be very emotional as well as temperamental. On the other side, this man is only a childish pampered man who needs guidance and instruction from a strong, mature, and calm woman, the one who is able lead him to the comfortable state. Pisces man is afraid of wedding ties so that he choose to let the relationship with his girlfriend for years without a slightest desire to get married. This special personality of Pisces man will test every woman’s patience, but the ones with great maternal instincts and desire in drama will be able to handle this man for sure. Below is the perception of dating a Pisces man will be like.

Pisces Symbol

Secrecy and Fantasy

A Pisces man can cleverly keep his secret, unfortunately, he can also discover someone’s secret easily. He knows whenever you hide something from him, and the terrific thing is that he also knows what you’ve been hiding. The ability to sense any unusual atmosphere between other people and him is his expertise, so it’s almost impossible to hide something from him, even if it’s just a surprise birthday party. This kind of sensitive feeling and intuition are owned by very few zodiacs other than Pisces.

His strong imagination and fantasy can make woman feel like a princess. This is probably the factor that makes a lot of women fall for a Pisces Man regardless his tendency to have secret and unwilling to have a commitment. His fantasy is very strong that he can forget his real life and live in his own realm, even bring his partner into his realm. Unlike Aquarius man who feels irritated with a drama queen, Pisces man loves this kind of woman, and he is eager to follow his girl’s drama and then finally take control of it.

The Necessity of Lady with Maternity

The personality of Pisces man is what makes him sometimes lose his jobs or ruin his future. It’s not that he is unintelligent, but Pisces man is too full of imagination that when he find his life boring or unpleasant, he can live in his own world containing his own fantasy of what live should be like. Being brought too deep in his own imagination makes Pisces man forget his social life, that some people considered him as a weird introvert guy. This man is in desperate need of caring woman who is able to bring him back to the reality in which he is able to arrange his future once more.

The Reluctance to be Bound

The problem is that most women dream of getting married and having a perfect family while a Pisces man can hardly fulfill this dream. Don’t get surprised if a Pisces man enjoys letting you ask him to get married without seriously responded after several years relationship. As what have been mentioned above, he’s afraid of commitment, and by letting his girlfriend unmarried, he hopes that the woman will leave him or give up to the fact that this man won’t marry her. He don’t mind ending the relationship; in fact, he can stand living alone without any relationship for his entire life. A prostitute can always be the gratification of his biological needs, and it is possible that he’ll fall in love with his call girl next time. Yet, a mature woman with a great patient and love is more likely to change a Pisces man’s view about getting married.

2 thoughts on “Dating a Pisces Man”

  1. I had been dating a Pisces man up until 3-weeks ago for the last 6-months. He is the 1st man I had been in a relationship with for last 8-years! (Also, I am 7-year’s older than he is, in the beginning he was very loving & attentive. After several month’s he started to become very quiet & withdrawn. Doing those time I have seperated from him @ least 4-5 time’s & he accepted me back. He know’s he’s the only man I’ve been with & he still won’t commit. (Although, during the time’s I broke up with him he would call (or) text, threatening me saying I better not be with another man!

    He work’s a lot & say’s he loves me now. Although, it has taen him all of (6-month’s) to finally express that to me! When we 1st got together he would say, he goes (month’s) with sex. I did not understand. Now, that I read the above commet’s I now understand the Pisces nature. I am a Leo woman. Very generous, loyal & kind he often (told) me I am the best lover he ever had! Although, only the 1st month when we met has he satisfied me! (Now, I can admit that this was the 1st man that touched my heart tenderly, which had nothing to do with what we did intimately! I love him & I am in (love) with him & every time I walk away. It feel’s as if I can (feel) him wanting me in his life one minute & than in the next moment I feel as if he doesn’t.
    We drain each other (emotionally) which we have both admitted. Today every several weeks of (no) contact, my heart made me dial his number, he sounded very (sleepy) & tired also sad. He said he had indeed woke o to his phone ringing. When I had called I kept it very brief & said hi, now you can go back to sleep. The man sounded like not only was he sleep, also like he was (love-sick)! I had deleted his name & number & I don’t know what made me call him today. (I only know that a Leo woman & Pisces man love is just (not) in the cards! Today, I finally have acceptance & just like I have (alway’s) told him. He will always have a piece o my heart! (He had to be the (hardest) man in my life, I have ever tried to love!

  2. It was as if i read my own story in Pat’s revelation. I cry for her as i cry for myself. I have gone longer than she and now have committed myself in a way that is killing me emotionally. I am learning despite wanting to balance. ALL the qualities she stated is his makeup completely and one would think there would be a plateau one could rise to that would smooth the ripples. Thank You for sharing your story Pat it touched me sorely.

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